Minnesota Business Law

Your business is your world. John M. Gearin, PA knows this which is why he offers businesses of all sizes personalized legal advice. From standard documents to front page legal disputes, John M. Gearin has the experience, the aggression and the tenacity to handle all legal aspects of your growing business.

Commercial Litigation and Business Lawyer

We offer a wide range of business, corporate and commercial litigation to businesses across Minnesota. Whether you are looking for an experienced trial lawyer to represent you against a lawsuit or are looking for an affordable business law to ensure your transactions are to the code and free from conflict, trust John M. Gearin, PA.

Our services include:

  • Industrial/workplace relations: this includes environmental conflicts, occupational health and safety conflicts, licensing agreements as well as building and construction law. We can help ensure that all documentation is in place and legal so that you can proceed with your business without any hold ups along the way. Making sure your business is running smoothly internally is the first step to ensuring a successful future ahead.
  • Employee disputes and employment law: your employees are what your business is founded on which means you need to ensure that all things are in order. Our law firm can help you with insurance, worker’s compensation and employment law, professional negligence issues, pension and payroll disputes and advisory and compliance issues surrounding your employees
  • Real estate transactions: franchising, mergers, family business disputes, licensing, leasing, selling and trading as well as breach of contracts require legal assistance. Ensure that your business is operating efficiently by having a Minnesota business lawyer check over your documents ahead of time to avoid controversy down the road.
  • Serious legal allegations and disputes: harassment lawsuits, social and environmental disputes, personal injury lawsuits and other allegations against your company must be handled with the utmost respect and care. Make the right moves to protect your business’ reputation and future by working with a trusted Minnesota business lawyer

Personalized Attention for Your Business

Every business is different and John M. Gearin knows this. He has years of experience helping national corporations, small business owners and everything in between with their daily business transactions. Don’t risk all your hard work by playing with the legal system. Speaking to a business lawyer ahead of time can ensure that you avoid any disputes and problems down the road. Legal disputes and lawsuits can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as tarnishing your reputation. Avoid these concerns by working with a Minnesota commercial litigation lawyer and staying one step ahead of the legal system.

Minnesota Commercial Lawyer

When it comes to your business, only the best will do. Trust John M. Gearin at Gearin Law Office to help you with keep your business running smoothly and efficiently from Day One. We offer a free initial consultation to assess your business and determine whether to move forward with the business relationship.

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