Twin Cities Assault Lawyer, Attorney

assault-lawyerAre you in a situation where you are facing some kind of assault charge? Are you facing more than one? If you are, it is vital that you have an assault attorney on your side. That is what we provide at Gearin Law Office.

It is important that you have adequate representation from experienced attorneys who can contend with any type of assault charge.

As for the types of assault charges you will find in Minnesota, you have: disorderly conduct, stalking, fear of bodily harm, spousal abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, restraining order violation, harassment, drug and alcohol related assault, terrorist threats, harassment, child abuse, sexual battery, domestic assault, and 911 interference.

Misdemeanor Defense

Any one of us, despite the cleanliness of our records can face a simple assault charge. We all lose our tempers because it is a part of our nature, especially when we are provoked by another party. If this sounds like you, then know you are not alone. We have an assault defense strategy that will ensure that you never have to feel that you’re standing alone in your case.

The legal representation that we provide is quite effective and has helped individuals who have found themselves in your exact situation. How can we do this? It is because we know how to make the criminal justice system see things for what they really are. This is so that you can have an appropriate and favorable end to your case.

Felony Defense

In the case of felony assault, some individuals tend to underestimate the seriousness of such a charge. The truth is that the consequences of such a charge can be rather extreme. For instance, you could be facing a prison sentence. This is especially true if you already have a criminal record. These are all reasons why you need an experienced defense lawyer to take your case. If you try to go about the case on your own or the attorney that you hire is not an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you could be facing severe consequences even when wrongly accused of assault.

Juvenile Defense

In the Twin Cities area, many juveniles find themselves faced with assault charges of their own. There are serious implications when a juvenile is charged with assault. This can affect their future in many ways and needs to be taken care of in a very meticulous fashion. 

When you are convicted of a crime, you have to pay with part of your life and you will have a severe criminal record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let this be you.

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