Twin Cities Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer, Attorney

criminal-sexual-conduct-lawyerSex crimes are on the rise, but there seems to be a mix of those who are rightfully accused and those who are wrongfully accused. And then there is that moment in which a highly experienced defense attorney is needed to set the record straight and provides the defense with a case that ends with a fair and proper resolution.

There are a number of different sex crimes. They include sexual assault, date rape, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, child molestation, statutory rape, Internet sex crimes, prostitution, child pornography, and possession of child pornography.

In the state of Minnesota, these sexual offenses are charged under the “criminal sexual conduct” crime. There are a total of 5 degrees in this crime. Which degree is charged depends on the alleged victim’s age, the age of the defendant, the relationship between the two individuals, and the sexual crime that was committed.

Of the most serious of these crimes is first degree sexual conduct. This comes with a sentence of at least 12 years, even if it is a person’s first criminal offense in their lifetime.

Your word versus theirs

Just like any case, it is a “he said/she said” type of scenario. Someone accuses you and you then have to defend yourself against those accusations. Many times, people are wrongly accused because someone is trying to get back at them in some way or the accuser is looking for attention.

The reason why you need an adequate defense lawyer is because you can be prosecuted based on the words of the accuser. This means that there doesn’t need to be proof of whether or not a sex crime was actually committed. No corroborating evidence is needed at all.

How do you defend yourself?

When this occurs, you need to know how to defend yourself. How you are defended varies from case to case. When you work with a defense lawyer, the evidence gathered by the prosecutor is evaluated by your lawyer. The techniques in which the evidence was discovered must also be analyzed.

Also, a criminal defense investigator is made a part of the process. This is an individual that looks for evidence to prove innocence and also questions any possible witnesses. This also includes gathering evidence on the accuser that may also involve digging up details about their past conduct.

What to do

If you find that you’re accused of a sex crime, you need to speak to a defense lawyer immediately. This way you are aware of your rights, the legal system, and your defense. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better off you are because the process can start immediately. While the evidence is still fresh and the memories of witnesses are still current, you want information to be gathered. Take advantage of this.

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