Twin Cities Disorderly Conduct Lawyer, Attorney

disorderly-conduct-lawyerThe disorderly conduct law in Minnesota says that it is a crime to disturb the peace. This is a particular crime that is referred to as the “catch-all” crime because so many violations can fall under it. For instance, the police may use disorderly conduct to stop individuals who are being disruptive, even when what they are doing poses no community threat and will not harm anyone. When this charge is filed, it is a misdemeanor. 

Disorderly Conduct Crime Statute

The disorderly conduct crime statute says that the following are considered crimes:

  • Engaging in fighting or brawling
  • Disturbing a meeting or an assembly of some kind
  • Engaging in behavior that is abusive, offensive, obscene, noisy, uses abusive language that causes anger, resentment, or causes alarm in others.

Interestingly, the only time in which it seems an individual is not charged with disorderly conduct in Minnesota is when an epileptic seizure caused their disorderly conduct. 


The penalties of disorderly conduct in Minnesota include time in a local jail, probation, fines, community service, and restitution.

However, there are additional consequences that can strike some individuals. These consequences especially involve those who are working in the human services industry. Usually, just as in all occupations, disorderly conduct can result in a disorderly conduct charge and also lead to termination. This can make finding another job difficult unless a future employer is lenient on misdemeanor charges, but may refrain knowing the incident took place while working for a past employer.

It is important, though, to keep in mind that many employers do background checks, which adds to the urgency of finding help as soon as possible. Whatever the consequences, it can be rather embarrassing to have to deal with them, especially in the public eye. 

Act fast

Good people get angry, good people become agitated, and good people are also wrongly accused. That is why you need to act fast and seek out a defense attorney who has a track record of fighting disorderly conduct charges in Minnesota. The sooner that you are able to get a lawyer involved, the easier the evidence gathering process is, and the easier it is for witnesses to recall the situation. 

What’s next?

With this said, you need to take the next step and that is to obtain an experienced and qualified Minnesota lawyer to ensure that you have adequate representation. When you Call the Gearin Law Office at 651-731-4900, you can receive that representation, but you can first take advantage of a free initial

It cannot be stressed enough that you do not have to go about the legal process on your own. You need a strong voice in the criminal justice system so that you can be treated fairly.

We’ll evaluate your case and take the process one step at a time so that you understand the charges and the process involved in dealing with the case. We will not let you be alone in this situation and will ensure the best outcome for you.