Twin Cities Order For Protection Lawyer, Attorney

order-protection-lawyerWhen needing to get an Order for Protection (O.F.P.), it is ideal to seek the help of a Minnesota attorney in order to do so. Then again, you may be an individual who has wrongly had an Order for Protection placed against you because someone wants to punish you.

What is an Order for Protection?

An Order for Protection is also called a Harassment Restraining Order (H.R.O.) and what this done is strictly prohibits a person from harassing another person and their minor children, if they have any. Furthermore, this prohibits them from committing domestic abuse. There are a wide number of restrictions that this court order can place upon a person using an Order for Protection.

Those restrictions include:

  • Prohibiting the person from entering the residence of the alleged victim.
  • Helps to prevent acts of domestic violence against the alleged victim.
  • The alleged victim will be awarded temporary custody of children and child support.
  • All direct communications between the person and the alleged victim are stopped.
  • The person may be required to take chemical dependency and/or anger management courses.
  • The court may find that there are other restrictions that are also appropriate. 

What if an O.F.P. is unwarranted?

If you are someone who has had an Order for Protection placed against you because someone is trying to punish you, you do need an attorney. Unwarranted Order for Protection is something that occurs during child custody battles and divorces. Even children have been known to take out restraining orders against their parents in order to get back at them in some way. It has even been known for individuals to seek out a restraining order to keep a certain individual from coming to their place of employment because they simply have a strong dislike for that person.

As you can see, there really isn’t much that is out of the question when it comes to unwarranted restraining orders.

As for what you can do in this case, you have a right to contest the allegations via a hearing. It is at this hearing that you can tell your side of the story and challenge the allegations. If you have witnesses and evidence, those items are admissible. However, keep in mind that such hearings are quite complex and they can be quite emotional.

If an O.F.P. is violated

Whether an Order for Protection is warranted or not warranted, a violation can be deemed as a misdemeanor and even a felony. A person could receive jail or prison time, court ordered counseling and treatment, heavy fines, or probation. Unless you contest the allegations against you, accidentally violating the terms of an Order for Protection could result in you being punished and your life changing forever.

So what you need to do in this case is call an experienced Minnesota attorney who has dealt with these cases before. With an experienced attorney, all evidence is gathered systematically and witnesses are put in place to ensure that your hearing is a productive one.

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