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burglary-lawyerIf one person takes personal property away from another person without being entitled to the property in question, that is considered robbery. Robbery is most usually committed with force, making it a very serious crime. If you are accused of robbery, then you are going to need good representation to help you get through it and ensure a fair outcome for you.

Minnesota has two categories for robbery. The first is 1st degree aggravated robbery, simple robbery and, 2nd degree robbery. All of these are felony level offenses and the penalties can vary based on a number of factors. For instance, a judge may base a sentence on whether or not a weapon was used or whether or not someone was harmed while the crime was being committed.

The penalty may also depend on the judge. There are a certain set of standards a judge is to abide by in sentencing. Each judge uses their own discretion, but they do so in a fair way based on the evidence in which they were presented and the case of the defense. If the defense also has strong evidence, then a completely different verdict may be handed down. 


The penalties that are included in a robbery conviction are prison time, jail time, restitution, probation, community service, large fines, and any other sentence that a judge may find necessary. DNA registration may also be necessary since a criminal record is involved and DNA can be used in the future in order to identify a criminal based on what they leave behind at a crime scene, such as hair follicles.

A robber also deals with penalties outside of the criminal justice system and that is the fact that it is public record. If individuals in the neighborhood know about it, they are not going to like it. A robbery conviction can also result in a person having difficulty getting a job, finding a place to rent, or being able to volunteer in certain groups. Basically, there may be personal life issues that can become a prison sentence all on their own.

In this case, you need to get some help by enlisting the assistance of a Minnesota defense attorney so that you can ensure all of your bases are covered. As stated before, a strong case on the side of the defense can result in a completely different verdict.

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