Twin Cities Traffic Violations Lawyer, Attorney

traffic-violation-lawyerMany types of improper driving conduct are prohibited by Minnesota law. However, most of these violations are considered “payable offenses,” which means only a fine needs to be paid without any further action to be taken. But there are times in which a traffic violation’s consequence may include something more than a fine. There are some violations that carry very serious consequences.

Here are some of the driving violations that constitute more than just a fine:

  • Driving after revocation – This is when an individual drives a motor vehicle after having their license revoked. If their license is revoked, this means that there is a DWI/DUI charge, a criminal conviction involving a motor vehicle, driving at a speed over 100 mph, and leaving the scene of an accident when an injury has been present. 
  • Driving after suspension – If a person’s license has been suspended, driving is to not take place. A person’s license may be suspended for not paying child support, for being convicted of a traffic violation, having unpaid parking tickets, and being convicted of certain criminal offenses. 
  • No insurance – If a driver is caught with no insurance, Minnesota state law says that a person’s license can be suspended for not having insurance.

There are a number of other crimes that can be committed when using a motor vehicle. They include driving after consuming alcohol, reckless driving, driving with a registration that is expired, felony death via a vehicle, racing, speeding in order to avoid arrest, speeding in a construction zone, failure to stop for a siren, running a red light, speeding in a school zone, and much more. 

The penalties

The penalties can vary based on the offense. Moving violations usually result in a ticket that must be paid in a specified amount of time. However, there are more serious moving violations, such as speeding beyond 100 mph. However, in Minnesota, many of the traffic and speeding offenses are considered petty misdemeanors. This means they are punishable by a fine of up to $300, but no jail time is needed.

For those offenses that are considered misdemeanor offenses, an individual may receive jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. If there are too many offenses, this can lead to gross misdemeanor convictions. If that is the case, a $3,000 fine, jail, or both could be the consequence.

If an individual is cited for one of these offenses, insurance premiums could be increased, driving privileges could be lost, and reinstatement fines may become an issue and they are not cheap. 

What to do

So if you’re wondering what to do, you need to call a defense attorney if you need to fight your traffic violations. When you have an adequate defense, you can reduce the consequences, if not eradicate them completely. Unfortunately, good people have to go through bad things. The good news is that there is help.

To get help, call the Gearin Law Office at 651-731-4900 to receive a no-cost initial consultation that will allow for review of your case and information regarding your next step. Having an experienced defense attorney can make a world of difference in your case.