Minnesota Car Accident Lawyer, Attorney

car-accident-attorneyIf you’ve been injured in a Minnesota Auto Accident that was not your fault, and now you’re injured and hard-pressed for money to cover medical bills and lost wages? You should contact a Minnesota auto accident lawyer to get advice and legal expertise regarding your Minneapolis car accident claim. Our lawyers and attorneys are well versed in the area of auto accidents and we are board-certified Minnesota personal injury lawyers with years of experience representing injured persons in auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. 

Getting Started With Your Auto Accident Claim

The first step to recovering your losses is to contact your car insurance company. Give them notice of your accident and be sure to keep documents and records of any conversation. In order to better protect your rights and produce a better auto accident claim, be sure to follow up and phone conversation with the insurance company with a written statement and ensure you receive a written report of the claim and make copies.

Your auto insurance company has obligations to respond to you and they must request any additional documentation needed. It is important to keep record of your accident and injuries, the accident report, photos of the accident scene, other vehicle photos and information, photos of your injury, medical reports, and names and contact information of any eye witnesses. 

Beware of the Auto Insurance Adjuster

car-accident-lawyerRemember you have the right not to give a statement to or sign a release that an insurance adjuster may present to you on scene of the accident (or off of the scene).

Insurance adjusters do work for the insurance companies and have their best interests in mind – don’t fall for their friendly outer shell! They might appear friendly and smiling but they are not there to make your life better. They only want to save the insurance company money and give you as little money as possible for your auto accident claim. Talk to a Minnesota personal injury lawyer before talking to an insurance adjuster – always!

If you believe you are not receiving fair treatment in recovering any vehicle damages, past and future medical costs, disability, pain and suffering, or past and future lost wages you should contact the Minneapolis car accident lawyers of Gearin Law Office.

Simply complete our free consultation form online or call (651) 209-0888. After taking the first step of contacting our law office, we will contact you regarding the details of your auto accident answer any and all questions while providing guidance on what to do next.