Twin Cities Elevator / Escalator Accident Lawyer

escalator-accident-lawyerHave you suffered from an elevator or escalator accident?

An experienced accident attorney can help you find recovery and receive monetary compensation.

The malfunction of an escalator or elevator while in use can cause serious injury or wrongful death. The personal injury lawyers of Gearin Law have successfully handled elevator and escalator accidents and won compensation for accident victims. We understand the responsibility of business owners and building owners to properly inspect and maintain safety regulations of their elevators/escalators.

Escalator accidents are not uncommon events. Thousands of people are injured on escalators every year. Most accidents do not require emergency room treatment. Most injuries sustained from escalators occur when hands, feet, or skin get caught in moving parts causing bruises. Elevator cables sometime break sending passengers plummeting to the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Slip and fall accidents commonly occur on escalators when they are not properly maintained. The manufacturer of the escalator, property owner, and third parties are responsible to service the equipment and provide safe operation of the escalator. Person’s who have been injured by an escalator can claim damages and receive compensation for financial loss and suffering. 

Common Elevator / Escalator Accidents

Common injuries and fatalities occur when an elevator:

  • Falls – the cable breaks and plummets passengers
  • Gets stuck
  • Suddenly jerks and stops
  • Suddenly jerks and speeds up
  • Abruptly stops between floors

Common injuries caused by escalators and moving walkways include:

  • They stop abruptly
  • Surfaces get wet and fall down injuries occur
  • The metal teeth grab ahold of fingers, toes, or clothing

Elevators and escalators are both part of our daily lives. Skyscrapers, sports stadiums, apartment building, malls, schools, hospitals, airports and hotels all use elevators and escalators to transport persons. Most people do not even think of the danger when they step onto an elevator or escalator.

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