Minnesota Railroad Crossing Accident Attorney, Lawyer

train-accident-lawyerPeople cross the thousands of railroad crossings throughout the United States every day. Although the vast majority of train accident injuries are minor, they can have catastrophic effects to passengers when the train hits. The Gearin Law Office fights for people injured throughout the United States who have suffered from negligent railroad operators and companies. Our law firm is experienced in handling train accidents and has gained a reputation for excellent personal injury and railroad litigation.

We have extensive experience in getting full compensation for the families of those who have suffered injuries resulting from railroad injury accidents. Serious injury from railroad crossing accidents can include brain and spinal cord injuries. We are advocates of the injured and never work for insurance companies. We are concerned with doing the best for our clients and we never represent special interest groups or railroad companies. Our Minnesota railroad lawyers and attorneys work diligently to carefully monitor the railroad industry and take active roles nationwide and locally in Minnesota.

Common Accidents Due To Railroad Negligence

Our firm has investigated numerous railroad crossing accidents throughout Minnesota and the United States. Contributing factors to railroad crossing injuries and wrongful death are preventable. Our law firm punishes negligent railroad operators and companies who do not follow precautionary measures. Common causes of railroad crossing accidents include:

  • Negligence or improperly marked railroad crossings
  • Crossings without proper signage
  • Out of control or speeding trains
  • Safety violations
  • Blocked train engineer vision / improper crossing maintenance
  • Fatigued train operators
  • Improper training of railroad employees
  • Train conductors not blowing a whistle or alerting railroad crossing signal lights

Major Railroad Companies

  • Union Pacific
  • Amtrak
  • BNSF
  • CTX Transportation
  • Norfolk Southern Railway

Have You Been Injured In An Accident?

Railroad employees in railyard or train accidents may be able to seek damages from their employer under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This act allows a railroad employee to seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, physical injury, and pain and suffering.

If you were in an accident involving a train, you may be entitled to compensation. Use our free case consultation form.

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